Illegal subletting

In 2013, new legislation was introduced that made subletting social housing properties without permission a criminal offence.

Your home

If you suspect a Charlton Triangle Homes property has been illegally sublet, please contact us

If you're a Charlton Triangle resident and illegally subletting your home, this is tenancy fraud, a breach of tenancy agreement, and against the law.

Tenancy fraud is committed when: 

  • Tenants illegally sublet their Charlton Triangle home to someone else without permission
    The renters are often charged high rents, which means tenants are making money from a property they don’t need
  • Tenants don’t use their Charlton Triangle home as their main and principal home
    Often the tenant is living elsewhere and leaves the property empty or lets family or friends stay in it
  • Fraudulent applications are made to succeed to a tenancy
    This is where someone tries to succeed to a tenancy after a close relative dies, by pretending they have been resident in the property for the previous 12 months or longer

Do you suspect someone of illegal subletting?
Making a profit from illegally subletting a Charlton Triangle property is criminal offence. Report it to us today by contacting us on 020 8319 8870.


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