Antisocial behaviour

We have a clear policy to deal with anti-social behaviour and take it very seriously.

What is anti-social behaviour?

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) is anything that can cause nuisance, annoyance, alarm, harassment or harm to anyone.

ASB affects some people more than others, so we always look at the individual’s experience and the impact the behaviour has, then handle each enquiry case by case.

We have a clear and detailed policy for dealing with anti-social behaviour, which we’ve set out in a range of leaflets available from our office and online. They explain what you can do if you’re suffering from nuisance or harassment, and what we and others can do to help. Rest assured, we take ASB very seriously.


Reporting ASB to us

The first thing to do is try speaking to your neighbour. If you can, use a Dear Neighbour Card which you can get from our Neighbourhood Managers Team. It’s likely that your neighbour would prefer you speak to them first, before contacting us, as they might not know they’re causing a problem.

We record all reports of ASB, but only act on or investigate cases we feel are genuine ASB or someone acting unreasonably. In most cases, people resolve disputes themselves.

If you’re experiencing ASB, please choose the type below to find out more. If it isn’t listed below, call us for advice.

Noise nuisance

This is our most common ASB complaint. Before doing anything, we have to decide if the noise is unreasonable, based on various factors including:

  • how often, how long, and how loud it is
  • when it happens (‘reasonable hours’ are considered 7am–11pm)
  • if it’s a one-off or a regular problem
  • if it’s being made deliberately.


We don’t investigate:

  • one-off events
  • everyday use of a property – lights being switched on or off, footsteps,
    doors closing and opening, using household appliances, people talking,
    low-level sound from TV or radio.
  • properties with poor sound insulation.


If you have a noise complaint which you believe is ASB, report the matter to Charlton Triangle Homes. We may advise you contact the Royal Borough of Greenwich Noise Nuisance team. Their specialist team can provide equipment, as well as witness the noise nuisance you’re experiencing.

Domestic Abuse

Please see our Domestic Abuse page for detailed information of how we can help.

Violence or threats of violence

Violence or the threat of violence are criminal matters and you should report them to the police immediately. If you’re in immediate danger, call 999 in an emergency. After you’ve reported the matter to the police, contact us and we’ll record the details and work alongside the police to carry out an investigation.

Drug Dealing

Drug dealing is a criminal matter and you should report it directly to the police by calling 101, or 999 in an emergency. After you’ve reported the matter to the police, contact us and we’ll record the details and work alongside the police to carry out an investigation.

Dangerous dogs

Owning a dangerous dog or failing to properly control a dog is a crime and you should report it to the police. If the owner is a tenant of Charlton Triangle Homes, please report the matter to us, too.

Neighbour disputes

We encourage you to speak to your neighbours, as this is often the fastest and easiest way to solve minor disputes. However, if you can’t resolve the issue or you have a more serious dispute, please report the matter to us and we’ll investigate.


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