Selling your home

How to sell your home.

How you sell your Charlton Triangle Homes property depends on how you bought it –  for example, through the shared ownership or home equity scheme, right-to-buy, right-to acquire or voluntary purchase grant.


Selling your home if you live in a block of flats
Some residents or buyers may struggle to get a mortgage for homes in blocks of flats due to changes in building safety advice. Please ask your lender or mortgage broker about this before applying, so you don’t incur any extra valuation or solicitors' costs. You can find more information here.


Right-to-buy, right-to-acquire and voluntary purchase grant leaseholders

When you buy through one of these schemes, you receive a discount on the purchase price.


If you sell within three years of the date you bought your home, you’ll have to pay back all of it if you sell in the first year, two thirds in the second year, and one third if you sell within three years.


If you sell after three years you don’t have to pay back any discount. If there’s a delay selling your home, tell us as soon as possible and we’ll adjust the amount you need to repay. Your solicitor will need information from us before the sale. It will take some time to collect this, so ask your solicitor to write as soon as possible.


Management information pack

We provide a management information pack to help with your sale. (There is a charge for this).

The pack contains:

  • statements of your accounts
  • major works planned to your block or estate
  • details of any invoices due to be billed
  • asbestos and fire risk reports
  • any other information relevant to your estate.

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