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The Board is our ultimate governing body and has overall responsibility for Charlton Triangle Homes. Our Board is made up of ten volunteers.

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Our Board members bring a broad range of expertise and experience. The Board meet five times a year and are responsible for:

  • Setting the strategy for the Group

  • Risk control and management

  • The achievement of the Group’s objectives

  • Ensuring effective systems of governance and internal control

  • Ensuring that all business within the Group is conducted in accordance with the constitution and the relevant acts and standards set by our regulators 

Four of our board members are residents – three are tenants and one is a leaseholder. The Tenant Board members are selected from a pool of people who have successfully completed our Community Leadership Course and have been interviewed by existing Board members. Two members are appointed by the Royal Borough of Greenwich and represent the Council and the remaining four are nominated by Peabody, our parent company.

If you think you may be interested in becoming a Tenant Board Member, please contact the Charlton Triangle Homes office for more information.


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