Many of our residents use Allpay to pay their rent. Here how to create an Allpay account.

What is Allpay?

Allpay is a payment system used by lots of housing associations and their residents to pay their rent. Pay with Allpay


Why use Allpay?

  • It’s flexible – you can pay any time online, by phone, at the Post Office, anywhere with the PayPoint logo, or with the mobile app.
  • It’s convenient – you can track payments and update your details.
  • It’s secure – Allpay is certified by Mastercard and Visa.


How to open an account

Go to the Allpay website. You'll need your Payment Reference Number (the 19-digit number on your rent card), and a credit or debit card.


Problems with your Allpay account?

Please contact Allpay:

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