What you need to know about insuring your home.

We provide buildings insurance to protect your home from damage, but it’s up to you to make sure you insure your home’s contents and possessions.


Buildings insurance

We provide buildings insurance cover for the building your property is in, and you’ll need to contribute your share of the cost. Because of our size and because we have an excess of £500 per claim (which means if you make a claim, you pay the first £500), we’re able to keep premiums low. We only have a small number claims from leaseholders each year, so this approach keeps costs down and benefits the majority of our residents.

This insurance covers the cost of rebuilding the entire building if we need to, say after a serious fire or disaster. The insurance policy covers all the normal risks such as: fire, storms and flooding, falling trees, subsidence, damage to structure and decorations (but not your contents and possessions) after fire or flood.

We review our insurance premiums annually, and will send you a revised schedule every year. Many mortgage companies will want to see this, so make sure you check the schedule as premiums and the excess are subject to change.


Contents insurance

While the building you live in is insured by Charlton Triangle Homes, we strongly recommend you buy insurance for the contents of your home.

We cannot compensate you if your possessions are damaged, for example, by a major flood or fire, or if your freezer contents are ruined due to a power cut. We’d only be liable if the incident was by our negligence. In other words, where we could have reasonably done something to prevent the incident. The same applies if a neighbour causes a flood and your things are damaged. So make sure you have contents insurance to protect against such events.


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