Charlton Triangle to become a Community Benefit Society

Date: 02 July 2020
Where: Charlton Triangle Homes office

This autumn Charlton Triangle Homes (CTH) is scheduled to become a Community Benefit Society (CBS).

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This autumn Charlton Triangle Homes (CTH) is scheduled to become a Community Benefit Society (CBS). This is the most common type of charitable legal status used by housing providers.

What is changing?

Currently CTH is a charitable company. This is the legal form that is used by the organisation. A charitable CBS is a different type of legal form, which is currently used by CTH’s parent charity, Peabody.

Why are the changes being made?

A charitable CBS is subject to a simpler set of legal rules and has slightly broader powers in what actions it can take without asking its regulators.

Will there be a change in landlord?

No. There will also be no change in employer for CTH staff as it is only the legal form of the organisation which is changing. There will be no change to CTH’s name or contact address.

Will CTH’s charitable status or social purpose be affected?

CTH will no longer be directly regulated by the Charity Commission, and will become an exempt charity. This means that the organisation keeps its basic duties as a charity, but will not be subject to certain rules and will not appear on the public register of charities. CTH will continue to be regulated by the Regulator of Social Housing as normal. The Charity Commission has approved this change on the grounds that services will not be affected.

The change to a charitable CBS will also not affect CTH’s strategy or commitment to its residents.

Tell us your views or find out more

We’d be grateful for your views on these changes, or for any questions you might have. To get in touch please email by Monday 24 August.

You can read more about what it means to be an exempt charity on the Charity Commission here

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