Charlton Triangle Homes is considering introducing pay for some of its board members

Date: 13 May 2021
Where: Charlton Triangle Homes office

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Charlton Triangle Homes is considering introducing pay for some of its board members

In the past being a board member on CTH has been a voluntary role. A growing number of charities have introduced a small amount of pay for board members (also known as trustees). This year CTH is discussing bringing in pay for board members in line with what would be typical for a charitable housing association of its size.

What do the board members do?

The board members have ultimate responsibility for the management of the charity and for making key decisions. It is a part-time role, but carries a set of legal duties and responsibilities to CTH’s residents.

Why is this being discussed now?

While voluntarism has always been central to charities in the UK, today there are more expectations on board members to maintain oversight across areas like fire safety, safeguarding and sustainability. Many charities now pay board members to encourage and to recognise the greater investment of time and expertise that the role needs.

Would all board members be paid the same?

No. All board members would have an option to decline pay, and board members appointed by Royal Borough of Greenwich would not be entitled to pay. The other board members would be entitled to £2,000 a year, except the Chair who would be entitled to £5,000 a year.

Would CTH’s charitable status be affected?

No. CTH’s charitable status and its social purpose would remain the same, and all pay to board members would come from a separate budget and so would not be at the expense of services to residents.

Tell us your views or find out more

We’d be grateful for your views on these proposed changes, or for any questions you might have. To get in touch please email by 18 June 2021

You can read more about some of the principles of paying charity board members at the links below:

Charity Commission guidance

“Time to Pay Trustees?” Article in Third Sector, May 2019


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