Assignment and succession

Assignment and succession during the lifetime of a tenant.

As a tenant, you may have an option for assignment or succession of your tenancy.


Assignment is a way that a tenant can transfer their tenancy to another person. We only carry out assignments for secure and assured tenants if:

  • a tenant dies and the tenancy passes to someone (the assignee) with a right to succeed
  • there’s a mutual exchange with a tenant of a Registered Provider or local authority
  • a court orders the transfer of tenancy as part of divorce or separation proceedings under matrimonial or family law.

When submitting an assignment request, we’ll need certain information to decide if an applicant is eligible and the property would suit their needs.



If you have a joint tenancy, the tenancy automatically succeeds (transfers) to the remaining joint tenant, but only if there’s not been a succession already. If you have a sole tenancy, succession depends on the type of tenancy held.

Always check your tenancy agreement, as succession rights vary. Only one succession is allowed – unless your tenancy agreement states otherwise – and there can only be one successor.

We’ll always check your tenancy agreement before determining eligibility for an assignment or succession.

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