March Horoscopes

Date: 17 March 2021
Where: Charlton Triangle Homes office

Your monthly horoscope written by local resident, Gill Dorren.

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About the author.

Cosmic Gill

I have been studying astrology for over 30 years and have given many lectures and written articles.  I have been an editor for a small astrological magazine and help run a small group in London.

I am very passionate about astrology, and hope to show others how it can guide us through our lives.  It cannot answer all our questions, but it can help us make decisions in challenging times and help us enjoy the good times. I also do tarot card readings and hope soon to be able to offer astrological and tarot card readings online.


Your Horoscopes

March matters

There is now a light at the end of the tunnel, we will slowly be coming out of Lockdown 3 over the coming months.  So March, a time of the spring equinox, a time of new hope and plans for the year will have more meaning in 2021.  What lies in store for your sun sign?



It will be a month of reflection, which is unusual for you Aries, but you will be enjoying it just the same.  No doubt it will not only be of reflection but a time to plan.  Mars, your ruler is travelling into the sign of Gemini early in the month.  A great time to think about what you want to do, look for the information and knowledge you need.  

Tarot card – 4 of Swords – time to relax and reassess you plans



February was quite exciting with perhaps a few challenges.  We move on, and March is going to be very sociable.  It will be time to connect with friends and family, you will love it especially around the middle of the month when there is a new moon and Venus will be close to this.  It could be you will be meeting new people.  Also a month to get to grips with your finances and plan your budget.

Tarot card – 9 of Swords – a brighter time after the challenges



You are so happy the Lockdown is coming to an end.  You can now go ahead and plan your holidays for the year.  You may be planning to travel to a distant destination or perhaps planning to learn something new; taking a new course in higher education may take your fancy instead.  The choice is yours.    You have so much energy now.  Your career or whatever your goals are will get a boost around the New moon in the middle of the month.  So it’s full steam ahead Gemini’s

Tarot card – The World – Life is changing, one door is closing but a better one is opening



The beginning of the month may seem challenging, but all will be resolved by the middle of the month, with the new moon.  Also this time can see you planning a holiday, it could be some where you have always wanted and loved to travel to.  Check the finances first, at the beginning of the month these may need looking at.

Tarot card 5 of Swords – challenges but resolutions to issues



Finances take a boost with the new moon in the middle of the month.  You will be organised and know where you are going with your money.   You can move forward to begin something new. Something you have always wanted to do.  Perhaps a getaway or learning something different  but  fun  It could be something sporty; perhaps now they are re- opening, you may feel the urge  to join a gym. Enjoy

Tarot card – 4 of wands – Happiness and security.



Work, your career plus your goals are highlighted this month.   The beginning of the month brings good fortune as your ruler makes a wonderful connection with the lucky planet Jupiter.  There could be a boost to your finances round the middle of the month.  Be careful you don’t overspend towards the end of the month, although you are always careful.

Tarot card – Prince of Swords – Moving ahead with a new life



Your ruler Venus is now travelling through the sign of Pisces, giving a wonderful feeling to both your work and your health.  The middle of the month could see you perhaps begin a health regime or starting something new at work which you will enjoy.  The stars are advising you to have fun with whatever life brings to you.   Something long lasting may come out of the process.

Tarot card – King of Swords –Positive and helpful advice.  Making great decisions.



You will be getting to grips with your finances this month.  It could be a new situation where you are earning.   You will be happy at being creative perhaps with a new hobby or anything you enjoy doing.   There may be challenges around the 21st of the month especially when making a decision; it may have an impact on your cash.  Seek out the facts first. 

Tarot card – Queen of Cups –A time of inspiration and healing


It’s a great time for communicating with friends and your siblings, especially at the beginning of the month.  Home appears to be the best place around the middle of the month, you may feel like moving to a new home or redecorating the one you live in.  Be careful of any miscommunication with loved ones around the end of the month.

Tarot card – Four of wands – Happiness and security



Finances and your talents are very much to the fore now.   News coming your way at the beginning of the month will assist you to make decisions. There may be challenges at work toward the end of the month which you will need to sort, but you will do so in your usual careful and focused way.

Tarot card Princess of Wands – A new venture.



There will be good news coming your way at the beginning of the month.  You are going to feel inspired from this news you receive.   From the middle of the month you will need to focus on your finances, so just be careful as money may slip through your fingers especially if you wish to go out and socialise.  You love being around people, there will be lots of opportunity at the end of the month.

Tarot card – 9 of Pentacles – Enjoying the fruits of your hard work


You are feeling particularly good and full of energy.  From the middle of the month relationships and love ones will be taking centre stage.  The end of the month will be particularly romantic, and you will be hearing something which will make you feel especially loved.

Tarot card – 6 of Swords – Seeing light at the end of the tunnel.  A journey coming to an end. 


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