June Horoscope

Date: 01 June 2021
Where: Charlton Triangle Homes office

Your monthly horoscope written by local resident Cosmic Gill.

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About the author.

Cosmic Gill

I have been studying astrology for over 30 years and have given many lectures and written articles.  I have been an editor for a small astrological magazine and help run a small group in London.

I am very passionate about astrology, and hope to show others how it can guide us through our lives.  It cannot answer all our questions, but it can help us make decisions in challenging times and help us enjoy the good times. I also do tarot card readings and hope soon to be able to offer astrological and tarot card readings online.


This month, astrologically, is very interesting.  The planet of communication, Mercury, appears to be travelling backwards in the heavens in the zodiac sign it rules, Gemini.  Astrologers advise that during this three week period there will be delays in any correspondence or any administrative decisions to be made.  Do not sign anything unless you read the small print very carefully.  Computers may go mad, and that email will not make sense.  Be warned.

There is a solar eclipse on 10th June.  Again in the sign of Gemini.  Solar eclipses also mean a new beginning that will start a new journey in the life.  So if you are planning a major change around this time, the middle of the month is a good time to plan.  It will take time for anything to start moving but the influence of such an event lasts approximately 6 months, and the wealth of experience it brings could last a lifetime.



The letters or email you are waiting for will take their time coming.  Or that course you are planning to do, think about it or it may be delayed.  Your brothers and sisters may take their time contacting you, especially if you wish to discuss something important with them.  It will all happen, just not as quickly as you would like.  On the positive front, life is just about to become more enjoyable.


Money matter will be frustrating; you may need to look at your finances and re plan for the future.  You may get a new idea around the solar eclipse on the 10th June, but you will need to wait until after 19th June to obtain the information you need to move on. Your ruler, Venus, moves into the sign of Cancer this month, bringing its beneficence to time with your friends and family.


You won’t want to make decisions until after the 19th of the month and you are ok with that.  As you may be on the verge of making changes anyway and in your usual fashion, well, there are lots of options you need to consider.  Money matters will take a turn for the better quite early in the month, so one thing less to worry about.  What is there to worry about?


This month, the planet of love will be in your sign, so you may be feeling more romantic with relationships taking a positive path.  Be careful toward the end of the month when there may be a challenge or two.  The eclipse on the 10th of the month may find you more reflective than usual.  At the end of the month you will be feeling more yourself and may decide to spoil yourself by splashing out on something quite expensive.


Friends and social gatherings are emphasised this month.  There may be delays or you cannot decide which party or BBQ to go to,  there are so many invites.  Out of all this mixing and mingling a new friendship may be formed or you may decide to try something completely new.  Take your time, whatever it is will last a lifetime, well the next 6 months anyway.


There are new opportunities on the career front and you may need to make a big decision.  Be your usual Virgoan self. Take your time, cross the ‘ts’ and dot the ‘Is’, read the small print; ask lots and lots of questions.  Pull out the detail and pull it to pieces.  I am confident you will anyway.  Then you can plan that getaway you would love to do



You are hoping and praying that restrictions will be lifted on 21st June.  You want to get away from it all.  The planet Mercury going backwards in the sign of long distance travelling would indicate there may be delays, well in the first half of the month anyway.  Decisions will be made after the 19th June, and you can then look forward to that trip, whenever it happens.  Until then the decision will be in the balance.  There is good news, money  sources look well starred at the end of the month.  So if there is a change of plan, you will have the funds.


You are waiting to hear about money, especially from other sources, not your own bank.  It will come, just not in the first half of the month.  When it does, you can begin to plan a new beginning on the financial front.  In the meantime you need to concentrate on what you really want to do.  There is an opportunity to use the gifts you have to move on to something you will love doing and will be more than fulfilling



The emphasis is on relationships at this time and it is well starred. Although up until the middle of the month it may not appear to be so.  Perhaps your partner is being more quiet than usual and you are wondering why?  Or that person you are interested in, well things are not going to plan.  Wait. 0k it’s not your best virtue, but good things come to those that do.  This should be your mantra for this month.


The new beginning you have been waiting for on the work or health front will take its time this month.  Not until after the 19th of June will things start moving along.  Maybe it’s a promotion or waiting for the new health club to open.  It’s frustrating I know but it will happen. 


You want to make a decision about your home or where you live.  Something tells you do things differently, decorate or move.  Something is holding you back.  Whatever you want to do you want to enjoy it, a bit of excitement, maybe have a new beginning.  This decision will take its time. Information, all forms of communication will be delayed in coming.  When it does towards the end of the month, you may wish to consider further the implications of what it is advising you. 



There is an opportunity to get away from it all, especially at the beginning of the month.  Enjoy.  The rest of the month may be very confusing as regards to finances from outside your control.  In the middle of the month you may need to look at these just to be careful.



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