February Horoscopes

Date: 01 February 2021
Where: Charlton Triangle Homes office

Your monthly horoscope written by local resident, Gill Dorren.

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About the author.

Cosmic Gill

I have been studying astrology for over 30 years and have given many lectures and written articles.  I have been an editor for a small astrological magazine and help run a small group in London.

I am very passionate about astrology, and hope to show others how it can guide us through our lives.  It cannot answer all our questions, but it can help us make decisions in challenging times and help us enjoy the good times. I also do tarot card readings and hope soon to be able to offer astrological and tarot card readings online.

Your Horoscopes

After the doom and gloom of January let’s have a little enjoyment with the February stars and see how they can cheer us as we move into a new month.



Well it may be all on Zoom this month, but it’s time to connect with friends and enjoy their virtual company.  You may find this challenging but rewarding at the same time.  Challenging because there may be a few technical hitches and sometimes you can be impatient but just seeing your friends will make the challenges all worthwhile.  From 21st the glitches will be few and far between, hopefully.

Your Tarot card for the month is Strength -Be courageous and have faith in yourself.


You will be on reset this month, looking for new goals and what you wish to achieve this Spring. It may take the first three weeks to reflect and consider what you wish to go for and in the middle of the month you may feel inspired by something lucky.  From the 21st of the month, all will be clearer and you will go for whatever you have decided to achieve this year.

Tarot card for the month is Nine of Cups –Enjoyment, achievement and rewarding.



Your ruler Mercury appears to be travelling backwards in the heavens for the first three weeks of the month.  You would love to plan a holiday or want to get away from it all, but the information you need may not come to light until the last week of the month.  So take it slow and perhaps take time to read those really interesting books on your shelf.   The end of the month will be come much better for you to find what you need to make any plans.

Tarot card for the month King of Cups –Sincerity and compassionate and therapeutic endeavours.


At the moment the beginning of each month always finds you tired from the full moons which happen at the end of the previous month.  The Wolf moon at the end of January was both beautiful and strong.  The middle of the month will see you getting to grips with your income and outgoings, and it’s looking good.  You may wish to spoil yourself, wait until after the 21st February when any online purchases you make will be both enlightening and easier ( the computer will say yes !! )

Tarot card for the month The Fool – a new beginning – taking a leap of faith.


Relationships are more than well starred this month but you love being in love, Leos.  The middle of the month looks especially romantic so something special for Valentine’s Day!!  If you buy anything on the internet it may take a while coming through though.   Be careful about ordering anything, read the small print on the monitor as something may not go quite to plan.   Events will more than make up for any problems at the end of the month.

Tarot card for the month Ace of Wands – Creative energy, enthusiasm, a new beginning.


There is emphasis this month on work or health; you may want to start a new health regime or look for a new job.  You will need to spend time, and you will enjoy doing so, researching this new project.  Looking at the details and finding information, you will be sitting at the computer an awful lot, and it may crash a few times, you have been warned.  From the 21st February, your laptop or smartphone will start behaving itself and you will begin to find what you need for this new you which you are planning.

Tarot card for the month Princess of Pentacles –Self-reliance, good natured, potential for a new creative phase.


If you have children and are home schooling you may begin to enjoy doing this during February especially if it is creative like art or writing.   If you do not have children, you may find yourself becoming interested in a new hobby, something you will really love and get a real boost, fun wise.  Enjoy!!

Tarot card for the month Prince of cups –Empathy, ideals, following your heart.


The emphasis is on home, this month, I know that sounds obvious, but with Scorpios there is a special emphasis on home life and what makes you feel secure.  The middle of the month may find you considering moving or revamping where you live.  Someone you are close to may find this challenging but will come around eventually.   Any information you need regarding what to do next with the home will not come to light until the end of the month.

Tarot card for the month Ace of Pentacles –Financial gain, material benefits and luck.


Enjoy being with friends, neighbours or your siblings this month, although this may be on the computer, or in your bubble.  You may be looking for something new to learn but you will not make the decision until the end of the month what you want to do, so just enjoy the camaraderie of those you love, especially in the middle of the month.

Tarot card for the month –Princess of cups –Opportunity to follow your dreams.


You are very talented Capricorn, and you need to show it this month.  Especially in the middle of the month when this will bring you luck.  Finances are well starred but you may need to consider what you do with your money and this may take until the end of the month to decide what the best way forward is going to be for you.

Tarot card for the month The Star –Optimism and bright prospects.


What can I say, most sun sign columns are saying this is your time, and I can only repeat that.  You have many planets travelling through your sign including Jupiter and Venus and this will make you feel as though the world is your oyster.  As with all things there can be challenges and things may take their time revealing themselves but whatever you are planning to do, you can achieve your wildest dreams.

Tarot card for the month Queen of cups –Loving and inspirational and happiness.


If you want to consider finding the more spiritual side of your life, this month is a great time to do this.  Meditation, yoga, or self-reflection is well starred this month.  You will find something divine with yourself; I know that sounds crazy but this month you can find great happiness by being more reflective about yourself and the world.

Tarot card for the month The Hermit – Following your own inner light.

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