April Horoscopes

Date: 02 April 2021
Where: Charlton Triangle Homes office

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About the author.

Cosmic Gill

I have been studying astrology for over 30 years and have given many lectures and written articles.  I have been an editor for a small astrological magazine and help run a small group in London.

I am very passionate about astrology, and hope to show others how it can guide us through our lives.  It cannot answer all our questions, but it can help us make decisions in challenging times and help us enjoy the good times. I also do tarot card readings and hope soon to be able to offer astrological and tarot card readings online.



It’s now spring and ( keep fingers crossed) Lockdown is easing.  So how will each zodiac sign enjoy the new beginning which this season will bring?



You are feeling full of the joys of spring and perhaps a little bit in love this month.  You will enjoy being with friends again especially the first week, when your ruler makes a wonderful connection with the planet of good fortune, Jupiter.  Enjoy.

Tarot card – Justice – Finding a balance, being fair, clarity, a choice to make. 


You may start the month worrying about something but this will clear from the middle of the month onwards.  Your ruler Venus moves into Taurus, the sign it rules and  you will feel like yourself again.  At the end of the month there may be challenges at work that you need to sort but you can sort this with your usual flair.


Tarot card – The Moon – Getting in touch with your emotions and facing your fears.



Events at work were quite confusing at the end of last month, but  will have now been sorted.  From the end of the first week onwards being with friends will be the driving force, just be careful about what you say around the middle of the month and don’t take things too much too heart.  The end of the month will see you becoming more reflective than usual, you may consider taking up something like meditation or yoga.  A mixed bag this month of April.

Tarot card – Three of wands – Your hard work will begin to bear fruit.



The new moon in the middle of the month will see lots of positive events happening at work.  You will certainly have lots of energy and complete any projects or issues in your usual kind and thoughtful way.  This will bring lots of positive vibes in your direction.  The end of the month there is a full moon in the sign of Taurus, this highlights a great time with friends, and I bet you cannot wait for the hospitality sector to open!

Tarot – The Hermit – Follow your own inner light.


Relationships are wonderful and going strong at the beginning of the month.  You may be planning a holiday, but not to a place too far away, or perhaps doing a course which will expand your mind in some way.  The new moon around the middle of the month will point in the right direction and whatever you decide to do, you will enjoy it immensely.


Tarot card – The Chariot – moving forward with strength and courage



The emphasis will move from relationships to money this month and perhaps it will be a good time to look at your finances, especially your income, and see how you can improve this.  There is an opportunity to do so and it will not take you long.  Then as the month progresses you may find yourself using this extra income to plan a holiday or plan something you enjoy doing.

Tarot card – King of Pentacles – Finances and resources are in a strong position



Relationships have been going well, and there could be commitment in the air at this time.  From the middle of the month when your ruler, Venus, moves into the sign of Taurus, you may find your finances stabilising too although be careful around the end of the month when you may find yourself needing to take responsibility of a financial matter.

Tarot card - Temptation – Don’t be too impulsive


The beginning of the month is a great time for finances and you may find yourself using some money to either redecorate, do a spring clean, or you may consider moving house altogether. Whatever you plan to do, ensure you are doing the wisest thing.  There is an element of luck whatever you do.   Your ruler Mars will move into the sign of Cancer towards the end of the month.  So you may be moving on to other bigger things come the late spring.

Tarot card – Rebirth – a new beginning

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